Sunday, February 21, 2016

Creating Democrat Voters

How do you “cure” the problem when the voters in your state rebel against your policies and vote in a Republican governor in a state where Democrat voters outnumber Republican voters 2 to 1? Do you change your policies? Not a chance. They think their policies are the only ones that are right, and the voters are just too stupid not to know that. So how do you change things? Easy. Let convicted felons vote after they get out of prison. That'll fix things! Convicted felons who have had their right to vote returned to them after they get out of prison can mostly be depended upon to vote Democrat, can't they? So that's what they did in Maryland, a “blue state” that is STILL a “blue state, with a shiny, brand new Republican governor. Their new GOP governor vetoed the measure, but they overruled him, so it became law against his wishes. Democrats in that state knew right where to find new Democrats who would keep them in office and continue to vote their “flights of fancy” into law, and that was in PRISON, where convicted malcontents were incarcerated. (Hot Air)

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