Saturday, February 20, 2016

Racist Organizations

One of the best known is the “Congressional Black Caucus.” Another is the “Black Actor's Guild (whatever name it uses).” A racist event is the “Black History Month.” How do I arrive at the definition of “racist? Because the creation of similar organizations substituting “WHITE” FOR BLACK? . What would you think of a “Congressional WHITE Caucus?” How about a “WHITE only college?” Or “WHITE History Month?” To allow such organizations for blacks while calling similar organizations for whites racist, is racist in itself. Then we get into “Islamaphobia. Why is criticizing Muslims bad while Muslims criticizing and KILLING Christians good? That it just as much racism and religious intolerance. Truth is, Muslims are the worst religiously intolerant people going. Meanwhile, it's just COMMON SENSE and LOGIC to criticize Muslims. They have practices (even if they're “peaceful Muslims”) that are abhorrent to Christians and every other religion in the world. Such as killing their own daughters for being RAPED. Or beating them for being seen with a non-Muslim man or being out in public by themselves, or not wearing their “tent.” (Just common sense)

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