Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hillary Wins Iowa

Which is not surprising on several counts. First, she only had TWO opponents, fighting over the total percentage points, while the Republican winner (Cruz) had NINE, or more. Still she only won by a “razor thin margin” over an ADMITTED socialist. Which Democrats usually do if the race is close. And the Democrats who run things behind the scenes want her to win BADLY. It's easy to finagle the votes if the race is close, and the Democrats are good at stealing close elections. Things will get closer in the next election, as other candidates drop out. As “Whosis” did, and Huckabee did, when both found out the miserable smallness of their results.. I did finally find out “Whosis was named O'Malley, although I still can't find out what state he used to govern. I'll have to dig deeper. I expect even more, on both sides, to drop out, making it even easier to win with NO competition.. People say people like me just hate Hillary, for no reason. WRONG! I have many good reasons not to like this bimbo. But I don't “HATE” her. I just have no use for her, for many good reasons, chief among them is that she thinks the rules do not apply to her. Second, she IS a socialist, even if she vehemently denies it. At least, Bernie ADMITS it. Just listen to what both support. They're all socialist positions. Third, she will probably go to PRISON if the FBI ever gets off it's butt and indicts her for playing “fast and loose” with government secrets. But they probably wont, at least until after the election when it's even harder to "get" her. (Town Hall)

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