Saturday, February 27, 2016

Who Wants Bernie?

Bernie Sanders has a good chance of getting the Democrat nomination, since Hillary is in serious danger of being indicted for several felonies. He has drawn many people to his rallies, and that scares me. That means there is a great danger that he MIGHT be elected president. Bernie is not “just a Democrat.” He is a dedicated SOCIALIST who, if he is elected, will finally BANKRUPT the United States.He offers FREE college tuition and FREE Medicare for EVERYBODY without saying how he intends to pay for them. I'm sure Adolph Hitler got large numbers of adoring acolytes at his rallies before he was elected chancellor (equivalent to president) of Germany and, after consolidating his power, became it's DICTATOR and that resulted in World War II and many deaths. Similarly, Vladmir Lenin got large, adoring crowds at his rallies, got himself elected as “boss” in Russia, and caused 75 years of misery for Russians. All preached the same things: “free everything.” And that fooled those who are too lazy to fend for themselves and want OTHERS to pay their way.
It remains to be seen if there are enough of those in America to get Bernie (or Hillary, who is just as much a socialist, even though she denies it) elected. If either are elected to our highest office, we're DOOMED. Hitler was a Nazi. Which is an acronym for “National Socialism.” Lenin was a COMMUNIST. Both are slightly different forms of COLLECTIVISM, which is BASED on THEFT from the PRODUCER of new wealth, for the benefit of those who create NO new wealth, but only “ride on the coattails” of those who do, with the government making laws to TAKE ever larger portions of their EARNING to support these people. Both Bernie and Hillary want (among other things) free tuition to college for EVERYBODY. And who gets to pay for it? You and I, if we are “producers.” Free college is NOT a “requirement” in order to survive in this world, and it is NOT a "right.". Only liberals think so, and push that idea on the rest of us, so we will not object to paying the bills, among all the others. Bernie and Hillary are BOTH socialists, of one brand or the other. Socialism is DEATH for us. (Just common sense)

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