Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's A Pivotal Point

The nomination of a replacement for the now deceased Justice Scalia is a “pivotal point” in our history. It means more than any other appointment in memory. If Obama is allowed to appoint another “wild-haired liberal” to replace him (and he WILL), it will give Obama (and his Democrat successors, if any) complete CONTROL of the court, which means liberals can get ALL their “flights of fancy” declared constitutional, whether they are, or not. And that effect will last for decades. Democrats call the Republicans blocking him from that nomination “obstructionists.” But they didn't call it that when DEMOCRATS did it to keep Robert Bork off the Court. It's only obstructionism when it impedes THEM, it seems. We cannot AFFORD to allow Democrats to take full CONTROL of the Supreme court. If we do, that will signal the END of this as a “free nation.” And it is Congress' RIGHT to stop such a nomination from happening. They are NOT “subservient” to the president. They are a “co-equal” branch of government. Which means they have EQUAL power to the president. They don't have to “knuckle under” to the president. (Wikipedia)

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