Thursday, February 18, 2016

The "Race Card"

It's getting kinda old. Liberals attributing every opposition to Obama's policies to people hating him because he's black, just as if there were NO REASONS otherwise. Forget he has spent more money than there IS; more than all previous presidents, COMBINED. Forget he will not admit Islamic terrorists even EXIST, while they continue to behead, rape, and otherwise murder people world wide for not believing in their phony “religion.” Forget he's working HARD to make this country, which has been a world leader in a very short time through the free market, into a socialist country.

Now Joy Behar, of “The View” says the only reason the Republicans are blocking Obama from another Supreme Court nomination is because they don't like his color. This bimbo shows her ignorance every time she opens her pie hole. Forget the same people ELECTED this half-black man who CHOOSES to be black, TWICE, in spite of his fool actions and policies. What's different now, from then? The fact that one more liberal Justice would turn the Court liberal for generations doesn't seem to faze her. Probably because that's what she WANTS. (News Busters)

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