Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jeb: "Leave My Family Alone!"

Jeb Bush whined about Trump (and others) going after his family. I got a clue for ya, Jeb. You can't “sling political mud” at somebody without getting some in return. And with Donald Trump, it comes back “doubled in spades.” Nobody said anything about members of Jeb's family until he introduced them into his campaign. Most members of his family who spoke out are “political animals,” themselves, and surely can take a little criticism after hurling some in the direction of his opponents. Demanding their families be “left alone” is so common, I couldn't even locate an article about Jeb doing it on Google. It seems there isn't a politician going who has not made this spurious demand, from Rudy Guliani to JFK. George (Senior) and George (Junior) realize this, and they don't react to it. So stop whining, Jeb, and just campaign. You can't jab at people without getting jabbed in return. Criticize somebody and that makes you “fair game.”KNOW that, and stop “coming off” like a baby. (Just common sense)

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