Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gun Control Equals Genocide

Don't believe it? Take a look at the “war” in Yugoslavia of a few years ago, where millions of citizens were told to “turn in their guns” to the UN, and they would be protected. They were NOT. When the army came in to kill citizens, the UN was asked to come to their defense. They did NOT. Their policies seem to have been to get things done without the danger of death or injury to UN personnel. So the citizens were left to die, without guns to use in defending themselves. And die, they did. Many who were refugees, tried to get help, and were massacred by the very people to whom they went for help. And the key to that genocide was “gun control.” The more guns that were taken from citizens, the more the “authorities” murdered and beheaded them. This is what you can expect from “gun control.” After “the war,” citizens were once again told to turn in their guns. Many did, and they died. But many more did not, and they will protect themselves if the “war” starts up, again. (Conservative Review)

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