Sunday, August 21, 2016

Why Hillary Still Leads

Seems like every day Hillary's polls get better. She's now leading Trump in several key states. Sometimes by just a few points, other times by a wider margin, in spite of all the revelations about her criminal activities. If I believed the polls, I could only put it down to ignorance of her crimes by so many people who don't pay attention to politics until shortly before an election. But it's only partly that. Mostly, it's the polls “propping her up” by getting phony numbers, by asking questions guaranteed to get the results they want, or TAKING the polls in areas the KNOW are Democrat “strongholds.” This is how pollsters “manage the news.” By publishing polls that say what they want them to say, thus disillusioning people and conning them into either not voting at all, or voting for a minority candidate, which, in this election may as well be a vote for Hillary. And that's their purpose. (Just common sense)

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