Monday, August 15, 2016

Not the "Mod Squad"

Years ago, there was a triumvirate of lobbyists politically correct lobbyists called, “The MOD Squad.” They included lobbyists for the liquor and tobacco industries, and the pro-gun people. These people conflated those three lobbyists together as promoting DEATH. Which, in the case of the National Rifle Association (NRA), was completely false. Yes, many people die from OVERUSE of both alcohol AND cigarettes. But NOBODY dies as a result of the NRA standing up and defending our constitutional RIGHT to own and use guns in self-defense. Short-sighted fools among the anti-gun crowd think the NRA is supporting gun ownership by CRIMINALS, but that's not what they're doing, at all. They're supporting the right for honest Americans to have guns to DEFEND THEMSELVES against those who carry ILLEGAL guns, which their “laws” do NOTHING to stop. They ADMIT that their laws do nothing to stop terrorists from getting guns because they don't have criminal records here when they first arrive, and thus have no problem getting guns. So why should we not be able to have guns to defend against them? Add to that the fact that criminals often don't even TRY to legally buy a gun, and resort to the “back alley gun salesmen” who will sell them their guns without the bother of registering them or following any of their other USELESS gun laws. (Daily Caller)

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