Friday, August 12, 2016

Hillary's Crowds Dwindle

They've never been very big, although the liberal media has taken all their “crowd pictures” from up close, making it LOOK like a big crowd. But recently, her crowds have dwindled even more. Recently, in Kissimee, Florida, there were only 150 people there, though the media made it look like a big crowd. Then there is her “rumored” health problems, illustrated by her obvious seizures, twitching and head jumping, and her seeming inability to keep her balance. Frankly, even if she does get elected, I don't think she'll last long enough to BE president. More evidence is her inability to stay very far ahead of an ADMITTED socialist who is 74 years old without the help of the Democrat Party by “stacking the deck” to make sure she came off with more delegates, no matter how many primaries he wins. Meanwhile, Trump's rallies continue to sell out huge arenas with upwards of 10,000 people attending. I think that's more illustrative then ALL the “polls.” (Patriot Update)

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