Sunday, August 21, 2016

"Obama: Founder of ISIS!"

Donald Trump said it, but he wasn't really serious. It was a little “gallows humor” the Democrats and other liberals aren't smart enough to understand. So, of course, they “went off the deep end” and even demanded that the Secret Service look into his “treasonous” statement. But what he doesn't tell you is that, even if Obama isn't “the founder” of ISIS, it was his action in “cutting and running” from Iraq that laid the groundwork for their rise to power. Until then, they were just a tiny “offshoot” of al-Qaida in Iraq, until most of his troops left, leaving all their arms and equipment for them to steal and use to kill people. The blood of every man, woman, and child they kill is on Obama's hands, and he can't wash it off. Deny it or not, Obama IS effectively the reason ISIS is as powerful as it is, today. Especially if he won't effectively fight them at all. And he covers up information about their outrages. He won't even admit they're a major problem in the world, while they “grow like a cancer.” (Just common sense)

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