Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Stage-Managing Elian

Remember Elian Gonzales, the six-year-old child that was retrieved at the point of an automatic weapon held by a member of the Border Patrol while hiding in a closet held by an uncle? The child who almost DIED while trying to escape Cuba with his mother, who DID die? Remember that tear-jerking TV interview with his “grieving father?” That was completely stage-managed while the frightened father, who was closely watched by Cuban “security,” answered the questions provided by his (US government-hired) “attorney.” Makes you wonder what would have happened if he'd have given “answers” they didn't like? Elian is a man now, and is completely brainwashed by the Cubans. All this was completely staged, not by the Cubans (although it was with their connivance), but by agents of then President Bill Clinton, who wanted the world to think it was just a “family” thing. Funny—I wonder who paid so a man who worked for about $12 a DAY in Cuba could afford to come to America for this “interview?” And why it was necessary for him to be closely guarded by Cuban “security?” (Thugs, if you ask me!) This whole thing was set up to cover up the ATROCITY of sending this child, who had ESCAPED Castro's “island prison” back to be brainwashed and made into a communist puppet. (The Blaze)

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