Saturday, August 27, 2016

Full Turnaround

Politicians used to openly make laws and teach classes to keep blacks “in their place.” Now they're openly teaching classes in schools and making law to keep WHITE people “in their place." Obama was right when he said electing him president would eliminate white against black realism. But he didn't tell us he planned to push black against WHITE racism and make it “the law.” It amazes me how politicians make EVIL seem good. It's all in how you present it. Obama is using the IMAGINED “epidemic” of cops shooting and killing black men (Ignoring the fact that they kill each other more often) to fuel hatred against whites and accuse them of the white against black racism that USED to exist, which CREATES black against white racism, and a lot of dead cops. This is one of the most EVIL things Obama has done, and that's saying a lot! It takes a lot of scheming to turn an entire nation completely around in their thinking. (Todd Starnes)

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