Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Put "Em In Their Place!"

That's what Hillary is pushing for blacks, although she's doing it in such a way as to make it LOOK like she is IN FAVOR of black rights, while she promotes policies that “keep them in their place on the Democrat Plantation.” And she disparages Trump's wish to make blacks as equal as possible, while talking disparagingly about Trump being against felons voting, as if ALL felons were black. She talks about “the party of Lincoln now being the party of Trump,” as if that were a bad thing. The Democrats have always been the PARTY of racism. The KKK was, for a time, their “military arm” in their efforts to “kill off” as many blacks as possible. Today, she supports Planned Parenthood in their quest to kill as many BLACK babies as possible (PP was STARTED by a racist! And continues to be run by racists, who murder more BACK babies than white ones.) This is her “soft racism.” How she SUPPORTS racism while PRETENDING otherwise. (Patriot Post)

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