Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Obvious Double Standard

The liberal media bashed Bush because he didn't “jump up” and immediately get on a plane to New Orleans after their massive hurricane. But they're completely silent on Obama continuing his golf games (plural) after the massive flooding in the same area. They say it's because he's “too busy” (playing golf, I guess) to bother about thousands of people losing their homes, and some losing their lives. But he's a Democrat, so who cares? After Trump “called him out,” he put his golf clubs away (for a while) and thought about going down there. Now he says his going down there would create too much of a hassle for them, at a bad time. Funny, that's what Bush said, and he poo-pooed that. I think he just doesn't care and is mad because it broke up his golf game. Too bad. He's still president (for a while, yet) and has a responsibility to DO SOMETHING about it. So he'd better get to work. (News Busters)

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