Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gun to Her Head

I don't like running stories about legally armed citizens killing “bad guys” in self defense, because they're so numerous.. But this one is so delicious I'll run it, anyway. A woman stopped at a Circle K store in Glendale, Arizona, and immediately a thug (they didn't say whether he was black or white, or purple) stuck a gun in her face and demanded money. So she shot and killed him before he even knew he was in danger. That happens a lot, but this was so “delicious” I thought it would bear mention to “take a shot” at the anti-gun fools who say it never happens, showing it not only DOES, but is a complete surprise to the thugs, who think they have the only gun in the area. And it is a common occurrence. They need to suspect their intended victim might be armed, and that should keep them away. This woman is helping to reduce “gun crime” in the best way possible. By KILLING the ILLEGAL gun owners who try to victimize people. This guy represents one less gun-wielding thug preying on innocent people. The anti-gun fools will probably complain that she didn't have the right to kill him because she wasn't the judge and jury and he didn't get “due process.” He wasn't giving HER “due process” either, so that evens it out. Damned fools! (Bearing Arms)

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