Monday, August 29, 2016

Releasing Gun Violators

If I didn't know Obama wanted to INCREASE crime generally, and gun crime specifically, so he can make even more restrictive gun laws that make our guns USELESS in the face of the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns held by criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists he is importing by the hundreds of thousands, I would wonder about his sanity in the things he does. He talks about “stemming gun crime,” but he releases 56 criminals CONVICTED of gun crimes, to prey on innocent people again. He imports hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists, disguised as “refugees.” People who have TOLD us they want to KILL all those who will not “bend to their will” and convert to Islam. People tell me I'm crazy for thinking we (not me) elected an ENEMY, who wants to DESTROY our country as it is, and make it into a “socialist paradise,” but if you accept the fact that he is a saboteur, his actions make perfect sense. But the people who could DO something about him refuse to see what's before their eyes, and let him get away with murder.. (Daily Caller)

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