Friday, August 26, 2016

Navy Fires On Iranians

Hooray for the Navy! You've no doubt heard about the Iranian “attack boats” that “buzzed” a Navy ship in International waters, without a real response by that ship except attempts to contact them by radio and firing off flares—for which I recommended they just keep on steaming, and if the Iran boats got run over, it was their own fault. But they DID change course to avoid them. But what you DIDN'T hear about in the liberal media was yet another provocative act in the International waters off the Arabian Gulf. This time, they finally fired warning shots across the bow of the Iranian boats, which caused them to skedaddle out of there, QUICK! They certainly didn't expect that, and probably needed clean underwear after they got out of range. Iran will probably complain about the “brutal attack” on their boats, predictably completely ignoring the provocative nature of their own actions. But if they want to go to war with us, bring it on! We'll be happy to “slap down” this pipsqueak country that thinks it's more than it is. (Conservative Tribune)

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