Tuesday, August 9, 2016

They Keep Piling Up

Candidates that we wouldn't want to vote for, on a BET. Nobody with any intelligence at all wants Hillary's finger on “the button.” They know if she gets elected, she will move us even faster toward socialism and, since we're almost there already, after 8 years of Obama, she may finish the job. That leaves Donald Trump, whom ALL Democrats, and SOME Republicans say is “unfit to be president.” How they can say that when he has “whupped” them so badly, I don't know. I guess it's just jealousy and the fear of losing their little fiefdoms. Then there's the Libertarian candidate, who is virulently anti-gun, who contemptuously threw an antique pistol he was given in the trash, and who has just announced his APPROVAL of “Black Lives Matter.” so who do you vote for? They have nothing concrete against Trump, so I guess it will be him. Nobody else in the race is acceptable. (Just common sense)

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