Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Easily Offended People

I was going to use the title, “EASILY OFFENDED AMERICANS” for this item, but then I had a thought: it's not just “Americans” that are easily offended. It seems like whenever you turn around, you're offending someone, and often, if even ONE person expresses “offense” at something, they take action about it. In some cases, it doesn't even NEED that “one person” to be offended. They take action because whatever it is MIGHT offend someone. Example: the Dallas Cowboys, who are making their players look silly, by making them wear PINK gloves and other pink equipment, to “honor” the breast cancer movement, yet they refuse to allow players to put a small decal on the back of their helmets honoring the cops! They're afraid of “offending” the Black Lives Matter crowd. I would not believe they were that stupid if it didn't actually happen. But today, it seems, EVERYBODY has taken a page out of the Muslim book and is “offended” by SOMETHING! Muslims are the most easily offended people on the planet. And what they get “offended” about are things that are common practices here. I say, if they don't like it here, they should go back to their Muslim hellholes and leave us alone. But they won't. There's a “method to their madness.” They're HERE to BE “offended” by what we do, to “soften us up” for those Islamic terrorists coming later to KILL us. (Just common sense)

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