Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Doesn't Work. Get More

The exceedingly tight anti-gun laws in Chicago clearly don't work. Just in the last month they have had 65 murders and 362 shooting incidents. So their new “top cop” wants more of the same. This guy is an example of the kind of politician they usually put in charge of the “cop shop” in places run by liberals (Democrats). He hasn't got a CLUE about how to stop the “gun violence, but feels called upon to “do something.” so he goes out and does the same old things that didn't work before. And they won't work the next time they're tried, either. But the other liberals in power there don't know of any REAL way, either. So they go right along with it. The murders and other gun crime goes right along, unabated, even increasing. And soon we get yet ANOTHER politician, who suggests the same old things, again, while the other liberals go along with it, again until the next time. Then they all do it again. Meanwhile innocent people die because they're not allowed to defend themselves against the unregulated, ILLEGAL guns already there. He IS doing SOMETHING right. He's supporting a bill now in the legislature to allow certain legal gun carriers to bring their guns in schools to protect the students (and themselves) . (Chicago Tonight)

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