Monday, August 29, 2016

Buying the BS

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is refusing to stand while the National Anthem is played before a game. Okay,Colin, you don't HAVE TO strand. Nor do you have to stand from your position on the bench to play the game either, therefore not getting a chance to show what talent you may have and improve your position in the game. Yes, you're not required to stand. You can proclaim your RACISM all you want while people judge you on it. We can see you've “bought the horse manure” put out by the “Black Lives Matter” fools, who are creating the very atmosphere they CLAIM they're protesting. They SAY that cops kill an undue number of black males

 Then they “prove it” by taking every instance where a black man is shot by police, whether a “good shoot” or not, and play it up in the liberal media, causing riots and death and property damage. Like they did in Ferguson, Mo, where a giant thug who was intimidating everybody else thought he could intimidate a cop, and he couldn't. That whole “hands up, don't shoot” thing was a bunch of crap! He was busily engaged in taking that cop's gun away from him to kill HIM with it when he was shot. Then they ignore the WHITE people killed by black and white cops who are doing their jobs. Yes, there ARE exceptions. But when you pin a target on a cop's back (or chest, as it were) they get very nervous and BEGIN shooting first and never asking questions later. They have CREATED the very atmosphere they CLAIM they're protesting. (Newser)

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