Wednesday, August 24, 2016

They're "Right On It!"

The liberal media gave almost wall-to-wall coverage of the silly “contretemps” in Rio between four drunken Olympians and the cops, who only wanted payment for the damage they did in a restroom in their drunken stupor. Of course, that didn't leave much time for coverage of something “less important” like Obama sentencing many Americans to being kidnapped for ransom by “rogue nations” like Iran because they now know we'll “pay up.” At least, until Trump takes over. Then, if they kidnap somebody, it might cause their country to become a steaming pile of crap. They're hoping against hope that Hillary will be elected so they can continue their kidnapping ways. And they're right. If Hillary gets elected, it will be the third term of Obama. She'll probably appoint him as Secretary of State, so he can make the same mistakes she did. In any case, Obama will retain much of his power if she's at the helm. (College Scandal)

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