Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trump And Churchill

Winston Churchill was one of England's finest politicians. He did things no other British politician ever DREAMED of being able to do. He made life a lot better for the British during his terms in office. Ronald Reagan did the same thing in America. He brought the unemployment numbers down from double-digits to UNDER 4%, and created the longest-lasting economic boom, by LOWERING taxes. Something no LIBERAL politician has ever done, among other stupendous achievements. What do the two have in common? They were both vilified in the press, before, during, and after their terms in office. Politicians who will actually DO what they promise are few and far between. And we now have one in America. Donald Trump. And predictably, the liberal media hates him with a passion. They keep saying he is “unfit” to be president, which is the same thing they said about Churchill and Reagan, but both proved them wrong. And they're wrong, again. But they'll never admit it and apologize, when PROVEN wrong. They just go on, as if nothing happened, and continue to vilify them. (Daily Caller)

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