Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ban Harpoons!

That's what they'll probably be shouting in France soon, since some fool who wanted to hurt somebody in “gun-free France” had trouble getting a gun, so he used a harpoon to inflict injury. Wait a minute! I thought eliminating guns meant no more violence! And what started all this violence? A Muslim, of course! Some guy wanted to photograph a woman wearing one of those stupid and ugly “Burquinis” Muslim women are required to wear by Muslim “authorities” to avoid letting others see their “charms,” and somebody didn't like it. So he became violent, and some teenagers on the beach came to the photographer's defense, leading to one being stabbed with a HARPOON. NO guns were involved (surprise, surprise!) since guns are literally BANNED in France, so they picked up harpoons and hand axes. Now, THERE'S a surprise! I've said, with no effect, many times, that if guns aren't available, those wanting to commit violence WILL find a way. This proves it, again. It also illustrates the STUPIDITY of Muslims to insist on their women wearing these ugly suits. (The Mail)

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