Saturday, August 20, 2016

Is Driver's License Racist?

The liberals are unalterably opposed to making people show a picture ID in order to do the most important thing they do in their lives: vote. They call it “racist,” on the theory that most blacks can't afford a $5 fee to get one from their state. You have to show one to do many things. In some places to user a pay potty! The liberals demand one to get into the DNC offices! But it's racist to demand it to prove who you are and that you haven't voted before when you come in to vote. Does this mean that all black people who can afford to buy a car and are driving all over are without licenses? And they can't afford a license? I think their very objection is racist! Since it ASSUMES that black people can't afford one. Without voter ID there is no integrity in the election process, when someone can go to different precincts and vote multiple times, and even under different names. They object, because to require identification would make it harder for them to steal elections. That's how they got Obama in, and how they intend to get Hillary in, if they can. Hopefully, the sheer numbers of “new Republicans" (who didn't vote before) will overwhelm them. They're less able to steal an election that is not close. (American Civil Rights Union)

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