Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rape Whistle? Forget It!

Many pundits advise women to get a “rape whistle” on the theory that the noise made by that whistle will stop a rapist in his tracks—which it won't. All it will do is make him mad, and his rape will become more violent. It's just a theory, and will help many rapists rape more women. The NRA advises women to “get a gun.” That's NOT a “theory.” It's a FACT. Rapists who have been killed in a rape attempt don't rape many women later. And he doesn't have to “decide” not to rape her when he's dead. Women are the largest group getting “carry permits” today, and the number of guns now in the hands of law-abiding people has grown 215% under Obama. No wonder he's frustrated. Americans are used to having the constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT to be armed in self-defense, and they aren't going to give it up easily. And a gun will stop a rape attempt a lot better than a whistle, but only if the woman learns how to use it. (NRA Blog)

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