Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What's WITH Them?

You'd think our politicians, as well as the media, would recognize the threat that comes from the radical Muslims and not appoint them to top positions in the government, while the press is “mum” about it. Not only that, they're committing mass suicide by siding WITH the Muslims in every case requiring a “ruling” for, or against Muslims. A good example is a bunch of Muslims who took jobs delivering BEER, then refused to do it. They were FIRED for not doing the jobs they were hired to do. They know their jobs would be delivering alcohol when they took them. So why did they? So they'd get fired and be able to sue. So when they were fired, they sued. And WON! The judge awarding them SIX FIGURE judgments!

Other cases where the wearing of Hijabs by women was prohibited at work, and even washing their hands for Muslim women nurses in hospitals, the Muslims were “winners” in their suits. It seems like the courts, and politicians are on the SIDE of the Muslims as they go about harassing us for the things that are natural to us. If they don't like how we live, why are they HERE? Not all Muslims are actively our enemies. But enough of them are, that decisions should go against them, but they don't. Did we favor the Nazis during WWII? Not even! Why then, do we tend to favor Muslims in so many things, while Muslims kill us off? Another example: Just writing this item can put me in the position of being accused of “Islamaphobia,” a phony designation invented by Muslims, to limit criticism, which one day may become LAW. (Just common sense)


Jason Blankovich said...

Because Islam is a combination of a religion and a political movement it can be hard to openly and honestly provide criticism of Islam/Muslims. When a preponderance of Imams come together and build a world-wide consensus that removes certain passages from the Koran and clearly states that Sharia is not to be practiced in countries where it directly impinges on the laws and common values we will be faced with telling the truth about Islam and being wrongly demonized for it. It is clear to me that holy and devout Muslims are simply carrying out their Imams directives when they cut off Christians heads, and when they set fire to non-Muslims of every stripe, and when they rape the wife in front of her husband, and when they literally repeatedly rape 8 year old girls and boys in front of their parents until the child is dead. I'm glad there are so many openly devout Muslims around the world showing all of us infidels how peaceful and compassionate they are. Oh, by the way, if you are a Muslim and reading this and getting upset, please don't. Please look inward towards your peaceful and devout co-religionists out there raping little girls and boys to death. Don't waste your breath or fingers on the keyboard telling me that "those people who commit those atrocities arent't true Muslims." Yeah, really? So you continue to sit on your hands and be outraged when someone like me points out what's going on in your religion? Please.

Ray Thomas said...

Jason: Truer words were never spoken. They CLAIM we have only to read the Koran to see that Islamic terrorists aren't "real Muslims." But we don't ever get to see the REAL Koran. Only those "doctored" for distribution here. And since I don't speak the language in which it's written, it wouldn't do me any good, anyway. Besides, I don't think it's a real religion, anyway. I think it's a plan for world domination PRETENDING to be a religion, subscribed to only by ignorant people. Or those who want to use it for their own purposes.