Monday, August 8, 2016

Creating A Crime Wage

How do you create a crime wave? It isn't hard if you're the president. Just disarm as many honest, law-abiding citizens as you can, then release as many felons you can who were convicted of gun crimes in the past, to prey on them. Then you can make even more stupid, useless “gun laws” that don't do ANYTHING to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and killers, using the crimes committed by those you released as “examples” of “why those laws are needed.” That is what Obama is doing as he does everything he can to disarm honest citizens, then he releases 105 criminals who have BEEN convicted of gun crimes in the past, to commit more in the future, as anybody with any intelligence at all knows they will do. Obama is not stupid. He knows this. That's his PLAN. Cause as much “gun crime” as he can, and work even harder to disarm us. When he finally gets rid of most LEGAL guns, he will then be able to “have his way with us” because we will have no means to oppose him, or his minions. (GunMart)

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