Friday, August 19, 2016

Obvious Contradiction

“Jackson Browne and Rosanne Cash are among dozens of musicians who will take part in “Concert Across America,” a series of 100 concerts to be held simultaneously in September to push for increased gun control measures and to urge attendees to vote for gun control-supporting politicians in November.” And all concerts are protected by ARMED security. Apparently these people, like all the anti-gun politicians, take their own security seriously enough to pay big money to have armed thugs surround them in case somebody tries to hurt them. But, of course, they think us “peasants” shouldn't have the same right if we can't AFFORD to hire people to carry our guns FOR us. People like Obama, Hillary, and all the other anti-gun politicians, hire people to carry their guns for them while they attempt to make more and more laws to either BAN guns altogether, or make them useless in our hands if we are attacked by ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, crazies, or Islamic terrorists. They think we :peasants” don't need protecting, like they do. (Breitbart)

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