Friday, August 19, 2016

Wait for the Facts!

Yes, a cop shot this black man after a chase. But the man was armed, and had been fleeing the cops after they made a traffic stop on him.And he brandished that gun to the cops, pointing it at them. But in today''s world, where cops have a target on their backs, it's not surprising that cops might be very “nervous” in any violent encounter with a black man.This was this was a “righteous shooting,” but rioters are notorious for not waiting for the facts when they destroy property and hurt people. Word is that this demonstration, in which at least one cop car was destroyed, was “sparked” by “social media,” where people were exhorted to “hit the streets” and riot. Maybe that's not true, either. But nobody's waiting for the facts. They're just going out and destroying property and hurting people. It's almost becoming routine for this to happen when the cops have to shoot somebody. Nobody seems to care that the facts are not yet known. They just DESTROY. (The Blaze)

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