Friday, August 12, 2016

CNN Behind MSNBC! Zounds!

CNN was “riding high” during the DNC convention, higher, even, than Fox (for a fleeting moment). But those viewers didn't hang around. CNN is now BELOW MSNBC on the list of cable news outlets in the number of viewers. NO! Nobody's behind MSNBC in the ratings! Except maybe the Golf channel or Al-Jazeera (do they still even EXIST?). I didn't even know there was a PLACE below MSNBC on that list! Ya live and learn, I guess. Apparently, CNN doesn't learn. They're constantly pushing a liberal agenda, and their viewers resent it. They're anti-gun (like most liberals), and they resent that, too. They keep creating anti-conservative “round tables” containing three or four liberals and, maybe ONE pseudo-conservative, and that is such an obvious attempt to knock conservatives down that nobody watches, and they don't realize it. They're going to “liberal” themselves right out of business. (Real Clear Politics)

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