Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Great Pretense

It only takes being able to speak and read Arabic to see through the PRETENSE that ISIS and it's ilk are not “true Islam.” They are, and this is proved by what Pope Francis said about “the most influential Muslim in the world,” Egypt's Dr. Ahmad al-Tayeb who, only five years ago, cut off all ties to the Catholic Church because then Pope Benedict has demanded better protection of Christians in the Islamic world. Pope Francis said that, after he visited with al-Tayeb, he was convinced of the real difference between real Muslims and such as ISIS. Basically, he was saying that he “bought” al Tayab's LIES. The lies of a man who broke ties with the Vatican five years ago when the previous Pope expressed a wish for better protection of Christians after a Muslim massacre in Alexandria that killed 21 people. THIS is “evidence” of “peaceful; Muslims?” Gimme a BREAK! The writer of this article speaks and reads Arabic, therefore he can hear what al-Tayeb tells fellow Muslims in Arabic, and what he tells Westerners, in English. Which supports my contention that any Korans found in the West are “sanitized” to make it LOOK like most Muslims are not extremists, even if they haven't (yet) done crimes in the NAME of Islam. (American Thinker)

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