Sunday, August 14, 2016

Will There Be Riots?

One thirteenth of the police force was murdered last night in Easman, Georgia, a small town close to Macon. That police force only has 13 people on it, and one of their officers was shot and killed while responding to a suspicious person call. The killer fled, and is still being sought. Will there be riots, as there were in Milwaukee when the cops killed a fleeing armed suspect who has a LONG record? Not A chance!. The thugs who usually riot couldn't care less about yet another cop killing. All they care about is another black man (who may or may not have been threatening police) got killed by cops. What I'm trying to say is this: they couldn't care less about another cop being killed while doing his duty. They're not likely to riot over the wanton killing of a cop. They don''t care about that. They can't seem to see that they're CREATING the very situation they CLAIM to be protesting: nervous cops who shoot first, than ask questions later. If there is anybody left to answer. Frankly, I wouldn't blame the cops if they refused to go on patrol, with damned fools waiting to kill them for their imagined ills. (The Blaze)

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