Thursday, August 18, 2016

Criminals, Watch Out!

Chances are much more possible for you to run into a citizen with a gun when you try to rob somebody. So be afraid....very afraid. If you try and hold up the wrong person, you could be dead—or at least, in prison. Because the number of “carry permits” that have been issue are is at record levels, with more than 14.5 MILLION people now licensed to carry guns for self-defense. And the “wild west” atmosphere anti-gun fools predict just will not happen. Most of them will just go about their business like usual, and the gun won't make any difference at all. They won't resort to killing people for slight irritations, or something simple like a fender bender. Most people are just ordinary, responsible people and, when they get a gun, they don't “get crazy” and shoot people for looking at them wrong, as anti-gun fools keep thinking. Nothing could do more to put a stop to gun crime than this, as I've been saying, right along. I have been a licensed carrier, and I've never killed anyone. (Shooting Illustrated)

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