Thursday, August 18, 2016

Betrayed By Your Own

The Army sent a young lieutenant with 10 years of honorable service (replacing a Lt. Who had been injured by the Taliban earlier) into a “hot zone” as the leader of the mission. They were advised that a number of terrorists were seen riding motorcycles in the area as “spotters,” to tell their friends where the Americans were so they could be attacked. They soon saw a bunch of those riders, who rode up on them, got off their cycles, and commenced walking toward them. They were told to stop. They didn't. So he ordered his men to shoot, killing two. A clear-cut case of proper enemy engagement in a war zone, right? Apparently not to his superiors, who, like most liberals, saw it in a different light. They relieved him of duty, released the remaining Taliban riders, and tried him for murder. Somebody there drank a LOT of “stupid juice.”

He's now facing 20 years in the slam because of somebody's stupid decisions. The other four members of the platoon, who were similarly charged, were told that, if they changed their stories and testified against him, their charges would be dropped. So, looking 20 years in the face, they changed their stories and testified against him, guaranteeing conviction. This is one way Obama is killing the morale of his soldiers, and making them very hesitant to shoot, in a war zone, where ANYBODY, including children, might be an enemy, ready to throw a bomb. It creates a “chilling effect” on our troops, that gets people killed and guarantees defeat. But that's his plan. He's using the same methods on this nation's police. Charging them with crimes when they were plainly only doing what they are paid to do.

This officer, who was convicted on the FALSE testimony of those four frightened soldiers who changed their stories to “get off,” is now being represented by United American Patriots (UAP), but they need money to mount an appeal. He was stripped of his pay and forced to sell his house. He also lost all his 10 years of Army pension. He's broke, while the army has all kinds of money to use in destroying this American hero. I don't usually use this blog as a fund-raiser. But I have no money to contribute to reverse this miscarriage of justice, and want to do something to help, if I can. All I can do is ask you for your help, if you can give it. You can send it to American Patriots, c/o Major (Ret.) Bill Donahue (USMC), P. O. Box 96565, Washington, DC 20090-6565. Please mention it is to help in the case of Lt. Clint Lorance. This is a legitimate organization and your contribution is tax-free. I hope you can help this man, who was victimized by Barack Obama.

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Anonymous said...

Where is this information coming from? Do you have any evidence to substantiate your allegations of perjury or any further information regarding the supposed members of the platoon or what stories have been told versus what really happened? Any other witnesses? Surely it couldn't have just been five people there. What about any other media reports? Have you looked into what has been reported in the media?