Friday, November 3, 2017

Gun Law Frenzy

Liberals are in the habit of overstating their imagined threats. The Los Angeles Times actually said recently, that “The right to bear arms is more dangerous than terrorism.” They're in PANIC, folks! They see state after state realizing reality and approving concealed carry for law-abiding human beings, and that frightens them because they never consider all the ILLEGAL guns already out there. Never mind the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of people who want what's yours and are willing to just TAKE it. They apparently WANT those crooks, crazies, and Islamic terrorists to prevail. Every law and regulation they pass or support DISARMS honest, law-abiding citizens and makes it easier for the “bad guys” to victimize them. And if we come up with something less than a gun that is an effective way to defend ourselves, such as the disguised stun gun, they want to make THAT illegal for us to have and carry, too. I was once told by a cop that the metal two-cell flashlight in my back pocket could be considered a weapon. I told him, “If I ever USE it as a weapon, we can discuss it, then.” (America's First Freedom)

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