Friday, November 3, 2017

Institutional Racism

The Dumocrat Party has been the party of institutional racism from way back. At the same time, they have been accusing the Republican Party of being "the racist party," which follows one of their basic scams: accusing your opposition of what you are actually DOING. One of the recent obvious examples is MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell accusing John Kelly of racism because he criticized Dumocrat Congresswoman Frederica Wilson of being "an empty barrel" for her act in listening in on what should have been a private conversation and then "editing" the president's words to make him look like an unfeeling buffoon. O'Donnell was blissfully unaware of his obvious racism, displayed by his mention of where both Wilson and Kelly grew up being racist cities, and completely ignoring the fact that BOTH cities were run by DUMOCRATS. Meanwhile, his obvious fawning over Wilson displayed his own, personal racism, which is ingrained in most Dumocrats. Their obvious obsession with race is instructive. (American Spectator)

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