Friday, November 10, 2017

They're After Roy Moore

The liberals are after Judge Roy Moore with their phony accusations of sexual misconduct, based on nothing but the UNSUPPORTED WORD of a woman, and which is supposed to have happened 40 years ago! My question is, why the hell did she wait so long to accuse him? Why so it's just in time to hurt his chances to gain the seat formerly occupied by Jeff Sessions? Seems to me that if he were guilty, she'd have come forward a long time ago. And they say several other women have come forward, too. That's something else. It's not too hard to pay some women to lie about a sexual encounter years ago, with NO PROOF, to get a payoff. I say this is a liberal plot because it's one of their favorite CONS, to accuse somebody of sexual misconduct on the unsupported word of one or more women, at just the right time to hurt the man's chances for election, or even keeping his job at a television network. They've had some success recently, so they're doing it even more. For that reason, I don't believe ANY of those "timely" accusations unless some real proof is offered (Just common sense)

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