Friday, November 10, 2017

Kill Terrorists Now!

I'm getting very tired of the misfit malcontents who decide they're superior to the test of us and to kill innocent people who have done nothing to them, just to make an obscure and stupid point. Any Islamic terrorist (or any other kind) should be shot on sight if caught in the act. Any not shot on sight should be condemned to death without the usual appeal and counter appeals that allow him to live for another 20 years after his crime. He should be put to death by firing squad, using bullets dipped in pig dung or bacon grease before being loaded into the guns. The shooters should aim, not for the head, which is instant death, and not so very painful, but should aim for the midsection, guaranteeing he be "gut-shot," and will suffer a long, PAINFUL death. This punishment should not be restricted to ISLAMIC terrorists, but should be applied to ALL terrorists, if any other kind can be found. This sentence should also be applied to terrorists who only PLAN to kill innocent people to make their silly points, even if they're caught before they can implement their plan. This will send a message to future fools that they will die painfully if they even are caught PLANNING such an attack. That they will not be given a "show trial" where they can "have their say" before being convicted, while being coddled by liberals. (Just common sense)

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