Monday, November 6, 2017

Gun Control Is Futile

Whenever we suffer a tragedy such as the mass shooting in Texas in a church, or the shooting of hundreds of people at a music festival in Las Vegas, the anti-gun fools scream for more gun control. Meanwhile, nobody notices that gun control had NO CHANCE of stopping the shooters in either instance. In Texas, the shooter was BANNED from owning guns, but when they finally found him dead after killing a lot of innocent people, he had FOUR guns that he obtained AFTER being dishonorably discharged from the Air Force AND spending a year in jail for a felony. The shooter in Las Vegas bought all his many guns LEGALLY because he was NOT a felon, nor was there any other reason to prohibit him from owning firearms. The point is, BOTH got their guns, in SPITE of every anti-gun fool law that has ever been made. People like that don't care about a piddling law that says they can't be armed, since they plan on doing something much more terrible. In the Texas case, the carnage was ENDED by a citizen with his own gun, legally owned. Had that man not been there, and armed, the shooter probably would have finished the job, having killed the ENTIRE congregation. (Just common sense)

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