Monday, November 6, 2017

Islamic Terrorists Have Won!

Their entire purpose is to change the way we live our lives, while we live in terror. That they have won is illustrated by many things. among them are the heavy trucks parked at all intersections in anticipation of the New York Marathon, and the millions of dollars spent for overtime for the many thousands of cops assigned there to keep Islamic terrorists from running down a bunch of runners or spectators, or otherwise killing innocent people. If they really want to kill people there, they will find another method. Another illustration is what we have to put up with in order to fly anywhere. Being "patted down" and often groped by TSA fools and getting a little note in our carry-on luggage notifying us that TSA has opened our luggage, searching for banned items such as a too big bottle of mouthwash. That note explains that if they can't get it open, they'll TEAR IT OPEN and they aren't liable for the damage. All this without even a suggestion of a warrant. Meanwhile, the Islamic terrorists find new ways to terrorize us, and it takes a full-time organization to blunt their effect, taking away many rights in the process. (Just common sense)

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