Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Democrats Can't Tell Truth

Absolutely everything they tell us is a lie. They tell us 'the rich" don't pay their fair share in taxes when they have to know that the top 25% of money earners pay 80% of all taxes paid. That's MORE than their fair share. They tell us every time Republicans put forward a tax reduction or a tax RATE reduction that it is a "tax break for the rich," when it is a tax break for EVERYBODY, including the rich. They emphasize how much more the rich get, without mentioning how much the rich put INTO the economy by their investments in job-creating projects. They tell us this even before being able to read the bill, and therefore cannot know what is in it, They don't care what is in it, they'll say that. It's their playbook. They LIE every time they open their mouths because they can't DARE tell us the truth. If they were truthful, they'd tell us they were socialists, but they swear up and down they are NOT. But if you look at everything they propose, it's Socialism 101. Things like free college tuition for everybody (without mentioning how they intend to pay for it), a paycheck for everybody whether or not they work, free this, and free that, likewise saying nothing about how they will pay for it. They work HARD to divide us into groups, getting us to fight with each other over what turn out to be trivial things. It's easier to hide their swindles and control us better if we're in a bunch of smaller groups. That way, we can't get enough people together to effectively interfere with their swindles. (Just common sense)

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