Saturday, April 30, 2016

He's Not In Trouble

Army decides: the Army sergeant who “confronted” a Muslim cop who was daily sexually assaulting a young boy and had beaten his mother for trying to save her son, will not be separated from the Army (what became of that Muslim pervert is unknown, at least, to anybody but the army). Why he was “in trouble” for what he did is amazing, to me. There are some really stupid officers in this man's military. I would have done a lot more than “confront” the pervert. The Army thought seriously about pillorying this hero because screwing little boys, beating their mothers for interfering, and chaining them to their beds for later sexual abuse was something that was a “cultural thing” to Muslims, and they thought he should not have interfered. Such activity CANNOT be “a cultural thing” in ANY normal society, MORALLY. But it is to Muslims, which is further illustration of their perverted “religion.” It's a good thing I wasn't in this sergeant's place. If I were there, this pervert would not still be alive. This is a good illustration of what WE will suffer if Muslims ever “take over” here. Theirs is a vile, perverted “religion” that was STARTED to make such activity an APPROVED activity by a man with a 9-year-old “wife!” (The Blaze)

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