Friday, April 29, 2016

"Puffed Up" With Success

That describes gay activists, who have managed to instill their STUPID policies onto others by their bullying tactics. They've managed to get various businesses, and even some government institutions to accept their “gay marriages” and to call ANYBODY who objects a bigot. Now they're in the process of not only getting people to ACCEPT their male AND female bathroom together con, but to make laws REQUIRING it. They're not satisfied with PRESSURING people to accept their perversions, they now want to make laws REQUIRING it, in practice, if not in fact. People who have VALUES will never AGREE to letting men “whip it out” and pee in full view of a little girl in her bathroom or changing room, so they're now starting a campaign to FORCE them to do so, by LAW. There was a time when there were laws AGAINST male/male and female/female sex, but now that it turned completely around, and there are now laws against people not AGREEING with it. I'm not saying those old laws were right, and I'm saying the NEW laws are NOT right. It's liberal/gay BULLYING, pure and simple, making this world something we don't even recognize, any more. (Eagle Rising)

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