Friday, April 29, 2016

Anti-Trump Fools

The fools who are against Donald Trump have been forecasting his failure for a long time. They said his candidacy would never “take hold.” They were wrong. It took hold. Then they said, “Okay, it took hold, but it can't last.” It lasted. Then they said, every time he said something they considered outrageous, he was “going down.” He didn't. Then they said, he's still a “flash in the pan,” but he kept on winning state after state, right up to his most recent FIVE-state victory in one day, with even more victories predicted, even by his enemies. Yet, Ted Cruz still assures us, every time he gets a chance, that trump “will not be the nominee,” and if he IS the nominee, he can't beat Hillary. Are they still wrong? Are they just saying these things, HOPING against hope they're true? They haven't been right, yet. So why would we accept their assurances now? I'm not a big Trump supporter, but neither am I anti-Trump. I'm just one of those people who see reality and admit it. (The Blaze)

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