Friday, March 20, 2015

Target Stores "Gun-Free"

So how did this happen? The other day a girl AND her dog were shot there in a “drug deal gone bad,” which is “code” for “it'll never be solved.” Looks like one drug dealer at least, doesn't give a good DAMN about Target's “gun-fee” rule. He brings his gun right along with him when he goes into the Target parking lot to do a drug deal. How many times must the gun-grabbers' laws be proved USELESS before they “get smart” and stop making them? My thinking says, NEVER. They just don't have the INTELLIGENCE to realize ANYTHING. They're DETERMINED to “disarm America” and will do it, any way they can, meanwhile making it much easier for CRIMINALS to get their guns. It's a proven fact that guns are much easier to buy ILLEGALLY in places where anti-gun laws are the tightest. But they're too dim to understand that. Nor will they EVER admit that crime goes DOWN wherever guns are the easiest to get LEGALLY. I might add that I go to this very store REGULARLY. But no more. From this day forward, I will no longer enter a “no-gun zone.” (ABC 7 Denver)

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