Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Special Treatment"

The Secret Service agents who crashed into a bomb investigation site while stinking drunk were NOT given a drunk test. They were not arrested, and were simply sent home. The videos of the crash were destroyed, and we were told that was “routine.” Their videos were ALWAYS destroyed after 72 hours and these were due ( a story so obviously FALSE it's funny). The new director of the SS was NOT told about the situation until FIVE DAYS later. This case, its handling, and the handling of previous scandals within the Secret Service are evidence of a SYSTEMIC problem within the SS that has nothing to do with the firing of the previous director after several White House entry scandals. I think they've just “gotten sloppy” in response to the habit of the current president to IGNORE the Constitution, “ruling” at his own whim. I don't know if they WANT him to get killed, or if they just don't give a damn any more. (Joe for America)

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