Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Machete Attack

A man with a machete attacked people at the New Orleans Airport. This item says he attacked TSA agents, but he attacked passengers first. The passengers used their bags to defend themselves before the TSA got involved and stopped him, with what? Wait for it—GUNS. It's unusual for armed enforcement agents to be around when somebody attacks people, but this was an AIRPORT. If he had attacked somewhere else, where people aren't allowed to have guns, there's no telling how many he could have killed before a “good guy with a gun” could have showed up and kill him, as they did, here. But only because they were already there. It's a PROVEN FACT that allowing honest people to carry guns will NOT create a “Wild West atmosphere” where people are killed over trivial things like fender-benders. Even ILLEGALLY-armed CRIMINALS mostly don't do that, and they already HAVE guns. But you'll never convince the “gun control industry” of that. They want to DISARM America, and they're DETERMINED to do it, in SPITE of facts. (UPI)

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